Drivers have been known to mistake car alternator problems for battery problems. This is not always the case, and at City Garage Euless, we will help you find and identify the difference between the two. In reality, the alternator is much more important and plays a much more pivotal role in the proper running of your vehicle.

Your alternator puts your vehicle power output into the proper channels. It tells electricity where to go in your vehicle, and regulates the battery output. The battery itself generally gives the initial surge of power to start the vehicle, and then remains giving juice to the alternator to put back in to the engine. If your alternator is at risk, so is your entire vehicle and you will need a repair. Drop by your local Euless City Garage and let one of our ASE Certified Mechanics take a look before your car stops running.

Your local Euless City Garage mechanics are able to provide your car with tests of your vital running parts. Stop by your Euless City Garage auto repair location and let an ASE Certified Technician start your car again by doing a charging system repair. All of our locations offer free Wi-Fi which will make your wait time more enjoyable and/or productive. If you wanted, you could drop off your vehicle at our shop and we will bring it by your home or office when the service is complete. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next maintenance or all other offered services and repairs!