One of the most important aspects of your engine running correctly lies in the sensors on your engine and their ability to communicate with your ECU; or the Engine Control Unit. These sensors are integral to getting your engine in the proper mode of operation for whatever weather, or running capacity that is required in the situation. Your engine control unit is the brain of the engine.

These units use smart sensors that tell the engine when to do certain operations. They measure temperature, voltage, and the quantity of fluids entering the engine chamber. This all contributes to a uniform operation of the vehicle, and it allows you to get where you need to go safely and smoothly. Without the ECU or the sensors in good condition, you won’t be getting far! The professionals at City Garage Euless are experts in getting your ECU in top working order.

At Euless City Garage our cost for computer diagnostics starts off at a value of $97. Stop by your Euless City Garage auto repair location and let us update your computer diagnostics! You can make an appointment online, or over the phone today! Get your vehicle inspected by one of our Euless ASE Certified Technicians. All locations offer Free Wi-Fi or you can drop it off and one of our Euless mechanics will bring it to your home or office when service is complete. City Garage Euless is at your side!