Is your car battery in need of replacement? The battery on the car is one of the most forgotten about and neglected parts of a vehicle. Usually, the layman doesn’t even open up his hood unless the battery needs changing, and even then, so many people know so little about the function of the battery and what part it really plays in the functioning of your vehicle. Here at City Garage Euless, we know batteries in and out. We’ve got no problem with charging, replacing, or just diagnosing your battery. And we are even offering a $10 coupon for replacement of your battery.

Changing a battery alone can be dangerous, and we suggest that you do as every City Garage professional replacement specialist would do and wear protective gloves and goggles when performing the replacement.

At City Garage Euless, we know that no car battery can last forever, but we intend to make yours last as long as possible. We’ve got what it takes to make your repair experience smooth and productive. Our ASE certified mechanics will not just replace, but recharge or diagnose your battery if needed as well. All of our City Garage Euless locations offer free Wi-Fi to make your wait time more enjoyable and/productive. Give City Garage Euless a call today and let our professional servicemen take your repair to the next level! We can also drop your vehicle off at your home or office after the repairs have been completed. Schedule an appointment today!