Car Tune Up

Car Tune Up

Skilled Auto Maintenance in Euless, TX

An automobile tune-up at our vehicle maintenance shop can make all the difference to the performance of your vehicle. If your engine is correctly tuned, it can also improve fuel efficiency and really boost performance. When you turn to us for an auto tune-up near me, you can expect a wide-ranging, holistic package of checks, inspections and replacement which includes care of:

Gas filters

Fuel injectors


Air filters 

Plugs (we fit new ones if required)

Visual inspection of the engine

Timing and idle re-calibration (if needed)

Steps to remove deposits of carbon from your fuel injectors

Car Maintenance Shop Near Me in Euless, TX

There are certain signs that indicate a prompt visit to our garage is needed in order to check your vehicle. If any of the following symptoms develop, take your car to our garage as soon as you can, as the problem may turn into something serious if not properly and rapidly resolved. Signs to be aware of include:

Engine knocking

Stalling when the vehicle is stopped

Reduced MPG

Instrument lights that won’t turn off

Reduced power

Euless, TX, Auto Maintenance Shop Near Me

At our Euless City Garage auto repair location, we offer a fast, comprehensive tune-up. You can easily make an appointment online by filling out the information on the left. Our customers enjoy FREE Wi-Fi, amazingly low prices and a good range of special offers. If you’ve decided not to wait for your vehicle, why not let us drop it off for you at your home or business for no additional charge. Also, don’t forget to become a City Garage Preferred Customer to save on your next visit on all offered services and repairs. To schedule, connect with our user-friendly online booking system, or call us at (817) 571-5700.