Emissions testing is required every new year on all cars residing in Texas. The test itself is known as Air Check Texas, and it differs based on which county you live in. All City Garage Auto locations, including Euless offer emissions testing and repaired.

If you don’t pass the test originally, you can take an emissions repair test to make up for it. If that test is failed after the repair work has been done, you can possibly get a waiver from having to take the test at all. You can get this waiver from the Texas Department of Public Safety. If your vehicle is 24 years old, you are automatically exempt from having to take the test.

Acquiring a waiver can be justified through proof that your vehicle usage is minimal, your emissions are low, or that the cost of meeting the emissions standard will be too high.

City Garage Euless has some of the highest trained and highly experienced mechanics in the area. We perform all needed emissions repair and we do so at an affordable price. Let the ASE certified mechanics get your vehicle to the point where it can pass the emissions test. All of our locations offer Free Wi-Fi so you can continue working, or keep yourself entertained. You can schedule an appointment either online or by phone. Get in touch with us today! City Garage Euless TX!