If you’ve ever wondered about the life expectancy of your vehicle, there a million different factors that play into the answer. If you’ve ever asked someone, you could’ve gotten an answer anywhere from 100k to 250k miles. This doesn’t help much, and at City Garage, we put an emphasis on being able to predict the life of your car so you can plan for the future. How long your car will be on the road depends on a host of different factors: your driving habits, your level of dedication to the factory recommended maintenance, and of course the year and model of the car. These all play a factor in deciding how long your vehicle will last on the road.

At City Garage Euless, we can craft a service plan that can be specifically created around the diagnosis your car receives. Instead of going with the rip-off maintenance plan that your dealer wants you to follow, and the low-quality plan that doesn’t require any maintenance, we balance out the options for you and give you a stronger, longer lasting vehicle. Get in touch with City Garage Euless today and find all this and more.

You can make an appointment either online or over the phone at your own convenience. All of our City Garage locations, including Euless, offer free Wi-Fi to keep you occupied while you wait. If you need, alternatively you can drop your vehicle off at our City Garage Euless service center and we will bring it to you once the maintenance is complete. Get in touch with us today for the fair and practically unrivaled expertise that your car deserves.