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New Tires

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Threadbare, worn tires need to be treated as a matter of urgency. Not only are they dangerous to drive on, worn tires reduce fuel efficiency and affect the performance of your vehicle. In addition, if you get caught with bald tires (the legal minimum tread depth in Texas is 2/32”) you can end up in trouble with the police. Why risk it? We are tire service specialists that offer some of the best tires in the area, all available at discounted prices and fitted by our specialist team of ASE-certified technicians.

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When you turn to us for your new tires, you get far more than simply a tire purchase. Our technicians have plenty of advice to increase the life span of your tires and also offer a free annual alignment check – as a key cause of uneven tire wear and premature tire failure, poor alignment is a common problem. We will check your alignment and rotation at no cost, helping your tires last longer. In addition, we suggest the following quick actions to help keep your tires in great condition:

Inspect your tires regularly for signs of wear – scrapes, rips, nicks etc.

Check for signs of uneven wear (which could indicate misalignment)

Remove any bits of debris which have stuck in the treads

Check tire pressures periodically and adjust as required

Inspect the wear bars on your tire – these are a distinctive part of the pattern on your tire which normally runs at ninety degrees to the main pattern. If the wear bars are indistinct or completely worn away, it’s time to bring your vehicle to us for a tire change.

All these actions take minutes to perform, but can keep your tires in great shape for longer, potentially saving you money over the longer term.

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Working out how much tread you have left is important, particularly if you’re going to be driving under wet conditions. Even if your tread is above the legal 2/32” minimum, if you’re in the rain, you need a greater tread depth – at 2/32” there is a danger that water will become trapped between your tire and the road, creating a smooth, friction free layer that makes traction problematic and increases the potential for a slide. If you don’t have a tire gauge on-hand, why not use a couple of U.S. coins to determine your tire tread depth? If you have a penny, place it between the tire treads and take a look at Lincoln’s head – if part of the head is obscured by tread, you aren’t yet at the 2/32” limit; if not, you need to bring your car to a tire shop near my location for fresh tires. If you place a quarter into several tread grooves across the tire and Washington’s head is covered by the tread you have more than 4/32” of tread depth remaining. If you use the penny again, and looking at the Lincoln Memorial, if the memorial is covered by the tread you have more than 6/32” of tread depth remaining.

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At Euless City Garage you can enjoy some of the best branded tires nearby. With more than two decades of experience, we have grown into an area-wide network of premium auto shops, offering a winning combination of exceptional customer care, great work and competitive prices. We offer a selection of customer incentives, helping to ensure your experience with us is always a good one. Sign up to become a City Garage Preferred Customer and save on your vehicle’s next maintenance, service or repair. We offer a complementary drop-off service, FREE Wi-Fi and a great selection of special offers and discounts. Book with us using the straight-forward, online system, or call us at (817) 571-5700 for further information.