Oil Change

Oil Change

Synthetic Oil Change in Euless, TX

Car oil changes can be tricky things to get right! Even knowing quite when to bring your vehicle in for an oil change can be difficult to predict; standard changes need to take place every three months (around 3,000 miles), whereas when you opt for a synthetic oil change using our Valvoline oil, you can leave up to 7,500 miles between changes. When it comes to your engine oil change, our ASE-certified, highly experienced technicians can advise on whether environmentally friendly oil, synthetic oil or standard oil is going to be most appropriate. In many cases they tend to recommend synthetic oil, as this is more suited to warmer climates and also leaves minimal detritus and build-up on your engine.


Take advantage of a thirty-point check when you come to the best place for an oil change in Euless, TX. Our Euless City Garage offers a $89 Full Synthetic Oil Change and a $39 Conventional Oil Change, as well as $5 off any oil change.

When you have car oil changes from us, we also:

Adjust your tire pressures if necessary

Visual engine check

Visual chassis check

New oil filter

Grease fitting maintenance

Fresh auto engine oil

Transmission Oil Change and Oil Change Specials Near Me

Our goal is to not only complete repairs and maintenance as required, but also to give you the information, checks and inspections you need to keep your vehicle in premium condition. We want our customers’ cars to last and last – many of our loyal customers have vehicles with more than 150,000 miles on the dial; they use us to buy engine oil and the other goods and services they need to keep their vehicle running and we provide the expertise to help them stay on the road for longer.

Skilled Oil Change Near Me in Euless, TX

If you want to entrust your car to a company that’s got a proven track record of successful vehicle maintenance and repair, we’re here for you. Bringing over twenty years of experience to every job, we also offer exceptional customer care, including a FREE drop-off service once work on your vehicle is complete, FREE Wi-Fi when you wait for your car and an assortment of attractive promotional offers that can save you a pile of cash. To schedule your oil change, use our online system or call us at (817) 571-5700.