Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignments

Wheel Alignment Services in Euless, TX

When was the last time you had your front and rear wheel alignment checked? Over time, wear and tear can cause wheels to shift slightly out of alignment. Unfortunately, even a small change in vehicle tire alignment can cause your tires to wear unevenly, potentially meaning you’ll need new tires far sooner than would otherwise be the case. If you haven’t had your rear and front wheel alignment checked recently, why not drop your vehicle off at our garage and let us get the job done for you? We can check your vehicle tire alignment quickly and accurately, amending any irregularities which might otherwise cause your tires to wear down faster.

Full Range of Alignment Services and Plenty of Good Advice

If you want your tires to last longer, accurate alignment is just one measure in a suite of actions that could make a real difference to your tire longevity. Our team suggests the following checks to help preserve your tires for longer:

Check tire pressure routinely and alter as necessary.

Inspect the tire for wear bar deterioration. If the wear bar is worn down, it usually means that the tire tread is below the Texas legal limit of 2/32” and needs to be replaced.

Look for grime, rocks or other small items being trapped between treads.

Tire Tread Measurement without a Gauge

If you don’t have a tire gauge, simply use a penny to check the amount of tread that’s remaining – place the penny between the treads of your tire – if any part of Lincoln’s head is covered, your tires are usually more than 2/32” in depth.


If you place a quarter into several tread grooves across the tire and Washington’s head is covered by the tread you have more than 4/32” of tread depth remaining. If you use the penny again, and looking at the Lincoln Memorial, if the memorial is covered by the tread you have more than 6/32” of tread depth remaining. If you discover your tires are beneath the legal minimum, we offer a full suite of wheel alignment services as well as wheel alignment specials.

Wheel Alignment Near Me in Euless, TX

Our skilled team is able to complete the rear and front wheel alignment you need, as well as replace tires as required. We offer a broad suite of garage repair and maintenance services, ensuring that not just your tires, but your entire vehicle is in premium condition.

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If you want to enjoy a top-grade service from our skilled technicians as well as an exceptional level of customer care, we’re here for you. We offer a great range of customer incentives, including membership of our special City Garage Preferred Customer program, which offers a selection of exciting discounts and promotions. In addition, we also provide a complementary drop-off service, convenient online booking and highly competitive prices. To find out more about us and what we can provide, call us at (817) 571-5700.